Autobody Craft Ltd

Auto Body Craft  is a well known reliable company, specialists in their chosen field of vehicle repairing. We give a full  extensive examination of all customers vehicles before we set about our work. We carry out work on all makes and models. We are to the forefront of vehicle technology and are constantly updating our craft.

Crash Repairs

Once we get to work on a motor our intentions are to bring it up as new. Parts and panels of a vehicle are made from different metals including various steels, alloys, plastics, fiberglass and a number of various other materials. Our duty includes reshaping, molding or in some cases replacing parts.

Every week brings in different types of major and minor crash damaged vehicles. We have a good knowledge and experience of all makes and models. Our techniques include planishing, welding and filling to name just a few. Sometimes accidents can be very severe so it may require us to realign a section of the paneling or if it is beyond repair we simply replace. When we hand back the keys, we hand back the original vehicle condition.

Cosmetic Repairs

Services include Chips and Scuffs – Alloy Wheel Refinishing – Paintless Dent Removal – Glass Repair and Fitting – Pro Polishing and Wax – Plastic Welding – Paint Work Rejuvenation

Nothing spoils the look of a car more than dents, stone chips, scratches or scuffs. Long term problems arise from paint left untreated and this knocks the cars value. With our advanced products and techniques we can remove damage on all areas of your vehicle caused by day to day driving and wear and tear.

Spray Painting

All the staff in Auto Body Craft have a very keen eye for the job at hand. They deal with different makes and models everyday with successful outcomes.

Spray Painting is a craft which demands highly skilled practitioners.  Its techniques involves colour identification – mixing – matching and blending.

We cater for bumper scuffs – key scratches – mirrors – wings – bonnets – colour fading and more.

Also we specialize in motor resprays and spray painting following crashes.  Read about our Low Bake Ovens also in this column.

Dent Removal

Dents not only effect the appearance of a car but also significantly effects the resale or trade in value.

We can beat out the dings, bumps or small dents in your car with great effect. This is a great way to keep your vehicle looking its best. In some cases this can be done on same day as scheduled.  Without sacrificing quality we can work to meet your budget.

Maintenance service

Our servicing of motors aims to provide a friendly, thorough, cost effective service to customers. Some of the services include – Filtration and Oil change – Batteries Replacing – Brake Pads & Discs – Exhausts – Suspension – Timing Belts and much more

Accident Recovery

We respond swiftly to all types of breakdowns and emergencies anywhere at any time.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week so don’t hesitate to give us a call and we’ll be with you in a flash.

All vehicles recovered in a safe and secure procedure

Low Oven Bake 

We have two Low Bake Ovens designed to offer an excellent motor spraying application in a dust free atmosphere.   They are highly filtered to protect the environment from harmful paint gases and also to provide the painter with dust free conditions.

Apart from filtration they also

  • Maintain a constant and precise air temperature while spraying
  • Gives new paintwork durability
  • Paintwork toughness
  • Produce quality paintwork
  • Meets Government  requirements

This specialist equipment is a must if you are looking to have your car paintwork repair or general car body repairs done correctly. High paintwork standards can only be achieved in a low bake oven as the finish comes off the gun first, before any nibbing and polishing is done.

If you are looking for a fantastic finish on your car body repairs then our oven is one of the ways it is done. The filters ensure that any particles in the air are captured, leaving a dust free, crisp and deep gloss finish – car paintwork repair just doesn’t get much better than that!