Quick Fit Tyres

Here at Quick Fit Tyres we are dedicated to finding the right tyre for you. We like to chat with our customers and discover what tyre suits your vehicle and your budget so when we recommend a tyre it is entirely based on your needs and the harshness of the road you drive on. 

Four strips of tyre rubber is all that stands between you and a potential life threatening accident. Worn tyres increase your risk of skidding on wet and dry roads or at the height of a sudden stop. It also aids in increasing your fuel consumption.

We provide all the top class brand names such as Bridgestone, Dunlop, Goodyear, Michelin Etc. Our systems are all up to date and of the highest technology standard. Tyres are fitted by a fully trained meticulous work force.

We fit your tyres to fit your budget.

EU Regulation

A new EC regulation requires some tyres to have performance labels, with the aim of encouraging people to purchase tyres with superior environmental and safety performance, and also encourage tyre manufacturers to produce tyres whose performance exceeds the minimum requirements specified in EU Regulations.

This regulation requires that tyres manufactured from 1st July 2012 for cars, light commercial vehicles and heavy trucks and placed on sale from 1st November 2012 carry a label showing the tyre’s wet grip, fuel usage and noise performance. The tyre labels are similar to the labelling already in use for household goods such as washing machines and dishwashers.  Each tyre will be given a performance rating from A-G excluding D to avoid an average performing tyre.


Always check your tyres for irregular wear or damage. Check for tyre pressure on regular basis. Keep in mind to check the tread depth especially in the winter months